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When Presley & Taylor sing, and fans hear their sibling harmonies they experience more than beautiful music and a “neo traditional sound.” They experience the true bond of sisters and best friends. Before the first verse is finished listeners gain a glimpse inside the true sense of a duo, which is inseparable in performance and in life.

The duo’s dynamic vocal delivery and song selection reflect the good things in life centered on real life experiences, faith, hope and love. Original material such as their recent single, “Heart Over Mind” feat. Pam Tillis or “Tall, Dark and Lonesome,” penned by country music hall of famer Bill Anderson, coupled with crowd favorites like, "Jolene" and "Fishing in the Dark," forge a true country sound that is unmistakable to fans.

Complete with closely held harmonies, steel guitar and swirling fiddles, listeners immediately become fans that are treated to great country music performed in a new and energetic way.

Presley & Taylor have exhibited atypical maturity for an act barely in their twenties. Presley states, "We grew up singing country music together and wouldn’t have it any other way. We will never forget the Friday night that Pam Tillis called us out to sing Heart Over Mind with her to a full house at the Grand Ole Opry. To experience it was breathtaking but to experience it with my baby sister singing with me was a dream come true. Funny as it sounds, we get the same feeling singing at the kitchen table to family or to friends and neighbors at the county fair, it’s just what we love to do.”

The brand that has become “Presley & Taylor” is already recognized as the next generation of country music. The duo has had several appearances on 650 AM, WSM the world’s most famous country radio station and radio home of the Grand Ole Opry. Perhaps the best example is the humbling recognition by the CMA’s as the organization has repeatedly invited the girls to appear at the CMA Music Fest on sanctioned CMA stages. “It’s hard to believe we are so blessed to appear as part of this great genre and with country music organization’s like WSM and the CMA’s, which we have always admired and looked up to” said Taylor.

The before mentioned experiences are early indicators of the road ahead for the dynamic sister duo. They are from a small farm town in Connecticut where they grew up with a corn field out their back door.

Faith, family, friends and country music have been steeped into the fabric and tradition of their upbringing and are abundantly apparent in these young ladies as the well-respected artists that they have become.

Presley & Taylor’s professional career began with having a little fun with their talent at a local recording studio where the girls planned on singing a song or two. Three months and eight songs later it became clear that the recordings were not just another demo, but sounded more like a mastered record. The songs were presented to a Nashville based radio promotions company and resulted in four consecutive top 30 singles on the National Music Row Country Breakout Chart. Radio stations from across the country and listeners began embracing the duo’s authentic country sound with arms wide open.

Bill Cody, WSM Radio “I was called into Paul Warfield’s office who was our Program Director at WSM. He said you’ve got to hear this and before I play it, we don’t know these girls, they are a sister duo. He played Presley & Taylor’s “While You Were Gone” and I said it’s so refreshing to hear traditional country in a duo like that, with God given sister harmonies, we fell in love with them at WSM and now we feel like proud parents” Robert K. Oremann, country music’s most recognized music critic stated, “this duo’s vocal harmony work is splendid, everything about it is perfection with award winning music production.”

“Listening to country music growing up, we just fell in love with artists like the Dixie Chicks, Martina McBride, and Miranda Lambert, our playlist is a long one and includes everyone from Keith Whitley to Carrie Underwood. I wish you could see what happens on our road trips. It’s hour after hour of hard core, stone cold, solid gold, country music (with a little Bruno Mars, Whitney Houston, etc. thrown in). Taylor and I singing the entire way.” said Presley.

Encouraged to move to Nashville in 2017 and surrounded by world-class musicians and industry professionals, Presley & Taylor joined the roster of Buddy Lee Attractions and have completed the recording of a soon to be released EP with legendary record producer, James Stroud, and co-producer, Keith Burns of Trick Pony. " We're not sure how we could be so blessed to have all of this happening, but it looks like God has some big plans and we are enjoying the ride." (Presley & Taylor).







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